Wimbly Womblys vs. Spurs!
Season 5, Episode 13
Air date September 21st 2015
Competition Premier League
Team Tottenham Hotspur
Fifa Date May 5th 2018
Episode guide
The Looking for Alaska Movie
Wimbly Womblys vs. Hull City!
Wimbly Womblys vs15:34

Wimbly Womblys vs. Spurs! AFC Wimbly Womblys 217

Wimbledon 2 - 0 Tottenham Hotspur
The Dagger 45'

Bald John Green 77'

Wimbledon Tottenham Hotspur
1 A. Amankwaa

14 H. White

5 K. Zouma

23 D. Agger

3 C. Kennedy

7 G. Francomb

24 Á. Correa

(Off 63') 28 S. Ki

25 J. McClean

9 J. Green

19 Kelvin


(On 63') 12 H. Pell

12 O. Kirvak

2 K. Walker

5 L. Adamec

32 M. Musacchio

20 M. Dawson (Off 64')

30 Sandro (Off 83')

7 A. Lennon

15 E. Capoue

8 Paulinho

21 N. Chadli

11 Bale


3 D. Rose (On 64')

24 R. Dabo (On 83')


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