Wimbly Womblys vs. Marseille
Season 4, Episode 49
Air date June 10th 2015
Competition Euro League
Team Olympique de Marseille
Fifa Date April 20th 2017
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Wimbly Womblys vs14:16

Wimbly Womblys vs. Marseille AFC Wimbly Womblys 194

Wimbledon 3 - 0 Olympique de Marseille
Correa 28'

Deeney 72'

Deeney 86'

45' (Y) J. Ayew

58' (Y) B. Mendy

Wimbledon Olympique de Marseille
22 S. Brown

14 H. White

31 B. Röcker

36 M. Demichelis

3 C. Kennedy

7 G. Francomb

12 H. Pell

24 Á. Correa

25 J McClean

34 T. Deeney

33 N. Dicko

30 S. Mandanda

2 K. Abdallah (Off 77')

6 B. Berrier (Off 90')

34 B. Aloé

23 B. Mendy

36 Cañas

25 G. Imbula

17 D. Payet

10 A. Ayew

14 H. Kiyotake (Off 58')

11 J. Ayew


28 M. Valbuena (On 58')

15 J. Morel (On 77')

5 Pedro Botelho (On 90')


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