Season 1, Episode 11
Air date November 27th 2013
Competition League 2
Team York City
Fifa Date October 19th 2013
Episode guide
The Hunger Games
Question Tuesday
Thanksgiving AFC Wimbly Womblys 1112:40

Thanksgiving AFC Wimbly Womblys 11

Wimbledon 3 - 0 York City
Bald John Green 22'

Other John Green 54'

Bald John Green 66'

Wimbledon York City
22 S. Brown

2 B. Fuller

6 A. Bennett

5 A. Frampton

3 C. Kennedy

7 G. Francomb

11 L. Moore

8 S. Moore

32 Y. Bamba

9 J. Green

23 J. Green

24 M. Ingham

2 L. Oyebanjo

4 C. Smith

5 D. McGurk

13 J. Fenlon

7 M. Coulson

14 L. Montrose

10 A. Chambers

28 S. Puri

8 C. Clay (Off 56')

19 R. Bowman


18 T. Platt (On 56')


Thanksgiving at Nerdfighteria Wiki.

Thanksgiving at Nerdfighter Football Club.

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