The correct title of this episode is Team Update. The title is different to distinguish it from another episode of the same title.

Team Update
Season 2, Episode 42
Air date October 9th 2013
Competition Championship
Team Doncaster Rovers
Fifa Date May 3rd 2014
Episode guide
Team Update
Swindon Town vs. Reading
Team Update Swoodilypoopers Strike Back 7711:51

Team Update Swoodilypoopers Strike Back 77

Swindon Town 2 - 1 Doncaster Rovers
Andy Rooney 65'

Andy Rooney 90'

54' B. Paynter

Swindon Town Doncaster Rovers
1 W. Foderingham

32 C. Smith

12 A. McCormack

23 F. Hall

5 P. Caddis

21 L. Cox

8 A. Dawson

16 M. Bean

6 A. Navarro

17 A. Rooney

27 J. Collins

33 G. Woods

2 P. Quinn (Off 60')

22 J. Berends

21 O. Enríquez

24 J. McEveley

23 K. Bennett

6 D. Syers (Off 76')

20 J. Harper

7 M. Woods

8 B. Paynter (Off 60')

37 J. Ball


14 T. Spurr (On 60')

9 C. Brown (On 60')

51 J. McCormick (On 76')


Team Update at Nerdfighteria Wiki.

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