Seb Brown
Fifa Name S. Brown
Position Goalkeeper
First Seen #1: History of AFC Wimbledon
Last Seen #222: Season Finale!
Starts 156
Substitutions 1
Goals 2
Seb Brown was a goalkeeper for the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys.

AFC Wimbly WomblysEdit

Personal LifeEdit

Brown was born between 1990 and 1991. He became a leader in the club.

Football CareerEdit

Brown was one of the original Wimbly Womblys.

In 2011, before manager Green took over at AFC Wimbledon, Seb Brown heroically saved two penalties against Luton Town to send Wimbledon into the Football League.

In 2013 he saved two penalties against Bristol Rovers to send the Wimbly Womblys to the next round of the F.A. Cup.

In 2014 he saved two penalties against Manchester City to win the Wimbly Womblys the F.A. Cup.

Near the end of the 2014-2015 season, Brown went to see Manager John Green. He told him that Wimbledon's rival, M.K. Dons, were in 6th place so could potentially be promoted to the Championship as well as the Wimbly Womblys who were in first at the time. Green told him to ignore "the franchise" and only focus on the Wimbly Womblys. Seb disagreed with him as he never wanted to play the franchise again. He suggested losing their remaining games on purpose which would make them finish third and therefore go into the playoffs. They would then win the playoffs making sure that M.K. Dons definitely weren't promoted. Green said the plan was insane but all the players agreed with Brown. Manager Green agreed and deliberately lost the next few games. This caused a massive outcry amongst the fans who were furious with this decision.

Over this period Brown scored 14 own goals which meant no other team would take him as these own goals made him a statistically bad goalkeeper.


Seb Brown, Seb Brown,

He saved two penalties against Luton Town.

Seb Brown, Seb Brown,

He sent us into the league.


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