Music Education
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date March 27th 2013
Competition Johnstone's Paint Trophy
Team Aldershot Town
Referee Derek Milborrow
Fifa Date August 21st 2012
Episode guide
Brazilian Nerdfighters
Religion and Mental Illness
Music Education Swoodilypoopers Strike Back 413:06

Music Education Swoodilypoopers Strike Back 4

Swindon Town 2 - 1 Aldershot Town
Other John Green 9'

Bostock 62'

66' D. Hylton

Swindon Town Aldershot Town
1 W. Foderingham

22 D. Ward

4 A. Flint

33 C. Stuff

29 P. Masenamela

11 G. Roberts

25 G. Coke

21 J. Bostock

13 M. Ritchie

8 J. Green

10. J. Green

29 G. Morris

2 B. Herd

5 T. Brown

15 G. Branston

3 A. Tonkin

17 A. Mekki

18 C. Stanley

8 J. Payne (Off 56')

7 A. Rodman

10 D. Hylton (Y 81')

20 C. Reid


4 A. Morris (On 56')


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