Hank and John did not realise they could go to extra time and penalties. This game continues in episode 2.

Liverpool v. Arsenal
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date August 15th 2011
Competition Friendly
Team (J) Liverpool & Arsenal (H)
Referee Hayden Pennyfeather
Episode guide
Hank and John Play FIFA 11 2
Hank and John Play FIFA11 1 Liverpool v14:11

Hank and John Play FIFA11 1 Liverpool v. Arsenal

(J) Liverpool 1 - 1 Arsenal (H)
J. Cole 12'

(Y) S. Gerrard 90'

45' A. Arshavin

(J) Liverpool Arsenal (H)
25 Pepe Reina

2 G. Johnson

23 J. Carragher

37 M. Škrtel

5 D. Agger

8 S. Gerrard

28 C. Poulsen

18 D. Kuyt

14 M. Jovanović

10 J. Cole

9 Fernando Torres

1 Almunia

3 B. Sagna

6 L. Koscielny

5 T. Vermaelen

22 G. Clichy

4 F. Fabregas

17 A. Song

8 S. Nasri

10 R. van Persie (Off 67')

29 M. Chamakh

23 A. Arshavin


7 T. Rosický (On 67')


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