The correct title of this episode is Fat Lucas. The title is different to distinguish it from the page on the player of the same title.

Fat Lucas
Season 2, Episode 8
Air date October 20th 2011
Competition Euro League
Team FC Twente
Referee Rodolfo Costinha
Fifa Date September 29th 2011
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Famous People
Maureen Johnson
Fat Lucas The Miracle of Swindon Town 2411:33

Fat Lucas The Miracle of Swindon Town 24

Swindon Town 0 - 1 FC Twente

(R) Sir Swoodilypooper Cuthbert 11'

52' E. Bajrami

Swindon Town FC Twente
2 D. Lucas

6 P. Caddis

16 G. Gartland

2 S. Cuthbert

27 N. Donazzan

7 J. McGovern

21 F. Bolzoni

18 B. Stock

17 P. Parry

11 J. Green

32 C. Austin

13 N. Mihaylov

23 B. Buysse

4 P. Wisgerhof

19 Douglas

33 D. Tiendalli

6 W. Brama

17 D. Landzaat

8 T. Janssen

10 B. Ruíz

21 M. Janko

11 E. Bajrami (Off 82')


22 N. Chadli (On 82')


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