The correct title of this episode is FA Cup Final. The title is different to distinguish it from another episode of the same title.

FA Cup Final
Season 4, Episode 56
Air date July 6th 2015
Competition F.A. Cup
Team Manchester United
Referee Derek Milborrow
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Am I More Like Margo or Quentin?
The End of the Season
FA Cup Final AFC Wimbly Womblys 20115:00

FA Cup Final AFC Wimbly Womblys 201

Wimbledon 3 - 0 Manchester United
Hells Pells 5'

Other John Green 45'

Bald John Green 63'

Wimbledon Manchester United
22 S. Brown

14 H. White

6 J. García

36 M. Demichelis

3 C. Kennedy

27 M. Mose Vestergaard

30 J. Maresca

12 H. Pell

25 J. McClean

9 J. Green

23 J. Green

1 De Gea

2 Rafael

15 N. Vidić (Off 68')

12 C. Smalling

22 Fábio

24 D. Fletcher

36 João Moutinho

24 A. Valencia

18 A. Young (Off 59')

26 S. Kagawa

14 E. Cavani


17 Nani (On 59')

4 P. Jones (On 68')


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