John did not realise this was a cup game which went into extra time. This game continues from episode 9.

Extra Time!
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date September 22nd 2011
Competition F.A. Cup
Team Wigan Athletic
Referee František Suchopcek
Fifa Date April 2nd 2011
Episode guide
John's ex-girlfriend, Dave Mustaine
Extra Time! The Miracle of Swindon Town 1004:40

Extra Time! The Miracle of Swindon Town 10

Swindon Town 2 - 1 Wigan Athletic
Bald John Green 63'

Other John Green 100'

53' H. Rodallega

79' (Y) S. Gohouri

Swindon Town Wigan Athletic
2 D. Lucas

6 P. Caddis

2 S. Cuthbert

16 G. Gartland

27 N. Donazzan

4 J. Douglas

25 L. Williamson

10 D. Prutton

21 F. Bolzoni

11 J. Green

9 J. Green

1 C. Kirkland

23 R. Stam

5 G. Caldwell (Off 45')

13 S. Caldwell

31 M. Figueroa

21 M. Diamé

16 J. McArthur (Off 105')

4 J. McCarthy

10 C. N'Zogbia

15 T. Cleverley

20 H. Rodallega


2 S. Gohouri (On 45')

28 D. de Ridder (On 105')


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