Carbon Neutral Fuel
Season 1, Episode 26
Air date January 6th 2014
Competition Johnstone's Paint Trophy
Team Wolverhampton Wanderers
Fifa Date February 4th 2014
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Sibling Rivalry
Carbon Neutral Fuel AFC Wimbly Womblys 2612:34

Carbon Neutral Fuel AFC Wimbly Womblys 26

Wimbledon 1 - 0 Wolverhampton Wanderers
Green Eggs and Sheringham 42'

Wimbledon Wolverhampton Wanderers
22 S. Brown

14 H. White

13 J. Fundingsrud

24 R. Weston

3 C. Kennedy

30 T. Beere

25 C. Jacquart

11 L. Moore

19 C. Arthur

10 C. Moore

18 C. Sheringham

13 C. Ikerne

5 R. Stearman (Off 82')

41 R. Johnson

34 G. Margreitter

26 S. Golbourne

15 R. Sigurdarson

11 K. McDonald

8 D. Davis (Off 71')

10 B. Sako

29 K. Doyle

9 L. Griffiths


40 J. O'Hara (On 71')

18 S. Ricketts (On 82')


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