John did not realise this was a cup game which went into extra time. This game continues from episode 41.

Capital One Cup
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date July 8th 2013
Competition Capital One Cup
Team Wolverhampton Wanderers
Fifa Date September 3rd 2013
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Question Tuesday Part 1
Capital One Cup Swoodilypoopers Strike Back 4204:33

Capital One Cup Swoodilypoopers Strike Back 42

Swindon Town 2 - 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers
Other John Green 74'

Leroy Williamson 119'

64' S. Ebanks-Blake

Swindon Town Wolverhampton Wanderers
30 L. Bedwell

5 P. Caddis

20 P. McShane

26 P. Ramage

29 P. Masenamela

24 A. Judge

(Off 64') 25 G. Coke

21 J. Bostock

13 M. Ritchie

(Off 64') 27 J. Collins

(Off 64') 17 A. Rooney


(On 64') 19 M. Maric

(On 64') 7 L. Williamson

(On 64') 10 J. Green

19 Eduardo

32 K. Foley

14 R. Johnson

16 C. Berra

11 S. Ward

29 K. Doyle

24 J. O'Hara

28 T. Doumbia (Off 77')

10 B. Sako (Off 86')

15 B. Sigurdarson

9 S. Ebanks-Blake


8 K. Henry (On 77')

7 S. Peszko (On 86')


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