John did not realise this was a cup game which went into extra time. This game continues in episode 46.

Boy-Girl Friendships and Romanticization
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date July 22nd 2013
Competition Capital One Cup
Team Sheffield Wednesday
Fifa Date September 24th 2013
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Question Tuesday Part 2
Capitol One Cup Part 2
Boy-Girl Friendships and Romanticization Swoodilypoopers Strike Back 4511:57

Boy-Girl Friendships and Romanticization Swoodilypoopers Strike Back 45

Swindon Town 0 - 0 Sheffield Wednesday

Swindon Town Sheffield Wednesday
1 W. Foderingham

14 I. Bandalovski

20 P. McShane

26 P. Ramage

29 P. Masenamela

(Off 71') 24 A. Judge

21 J. Bostock

18 A. Wordsworth

13 M. Ritchie

10 J. Green

7 L. Williamson


(On 71') 31 M. Väyrynen

1 C. Kirkland

20 K. Lee

19 M. Beavers

4 A. Gardner

46 J. Bennett

18 D. Mayor

6 José Semedo (Off 57')

16 R. McCabe

26 D. Jones (Off 71')

15 Rodri (Off 87')

24 J. Bothroyd


17 N. Pečnik (On 57')

7 M. Antonio (On 71')

9 G. Madine (On 87')


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